Let's Bring Your Mortgage Current!

A Houston Based Company Established By A Network Of Investors Across The Country To Help Homeowners Bring Their Mortgage Current.

3 Steps To Getting Your Mortgage Paid!

When a homeowner is behind on their

mortgage, HOA or taxes, they call upon us to

help pay the past due balance so they can

remain in the property.   In most cases,

checks can be issued within 48 hours.

We can stop a foreclosure and provide financial relief for homeowners. We pay your past due balance on your mortgage and get everything caught up to stop further late charges and collection efforts.  In addition, we also:


  •     Allow you to stay in the home you love!
  •     If you have reached foreclosure, we can help stop this  
        process by getting your loan current.
  •     If you owe back taxes or the HOA we can pay the
        balances to avoid further collection efforts.
  •     Provide you a solution within 48 hour

All For A Low Flat Fee Spread Out Over Time!

Most everyone qualifies, however, there are some instances in which a homeowner may not.  If you can answer YES to the below, chances are you will qualify! 

  • Is the property in your/spouse's name?
  • At least $5,000.00 in equity?
  • No IRS liens against the property?
  • Owe less than$30,000?
  • Verifiable income?
  • Are you ready to get caught up immediately?

Does Everyone Qualify?

How The Program Works


Have you found yourself in a situation where you are a couple of months behind on your mortgage payments and foreclosure notices have started to appear (or even if they haven't)?  Believe it or not, it's more common than you think and you're not a lone.

Our program is extremely easy and straight forward. Most people qualify.  We'll simply evaluate your situation and determine what is needed to get your mortgage or taxes/HOA current.  We can write a check to the mortgage company that day. This will allow you to stay in your home and you get a fresh start!

No Credit Checks!

Most Everyone Qualifies

What If I want To Sell My Home?

Many people have their home listed for sale and are not necessarily behind on their mortgage.  That's great! We can help you too.  Our specialty is to help people who have limited equity or need to sell quickly.


In most cases we can come very close to your asking price! There are typically no closing costs or realtor fees! 


We can help in all kinds of different situations.

  1. Death
  2. Divorce
  3. Relocation
  4. Can't make mortgage payments
  5. Tired Landlord
  6. And many other situations!

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