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Video Testimonials

We value each of our customers and welcome any video testimonial they wish to provide.  Here are a few of our client stories.  If you'd like to submit a testimonial, please send it to: admin@americanpropertynetwork.com

Sean Arnold with American Property Network helping yet another client successfully close and help a home owner.  In this particular situation, the home owner almost had zero equity in the property and didn't have any money to pay closing costs or realtor fees.  We were able to close within a few days and NOT have the home owner bring any money to closing. 

We remember this day like it was yesterday.  A Wednesday afternoon and the home owner was literally packing her bags to move.  The Uhaul was in the driveway and the bags were packed.  The only thing left for us to do was to close on the house and let her walk away being debt free. We were able to take over her existing mortgage and be financially responsible for all the taxes, insurance, mortgage and HOA and let her leave the state of Texas with a clear mind.

Sean with American Property Network was able to save this home owners mortgage and credit by taking over her financial obligations of her house.  We closed in the lobby of her work place and made the transaction seamless.  This homeowner had about $8000 worth of equity which was enough to pay for all of the closing costs.  No money was needed the day we closed.  She was extremely relieved she no longer had to worry about paying her monthly mortgage.  Another happy client ;-)

On this day, we met with John and his wife.  They had been trying to sell their home for over 120 days and had very little success from their realtor in doing so. One of the biggest reasons they had a hard time accepting offers was becauase they literally had zero equity.  Every dollar under their asking meant they had to bring that amount to the closing table.  ( They just didn't have it )... We stepped in and were able to close within 6 days and allowed these homeowners to walk away with a little cash in their pocket.  What a day!  

Johns wife from above!  She was so happy this day came.  She was carrying so much pressure of making her monthly mortgage payments that she was starting to get sick. She would think about getting foreclosed on all the time and couldn't imagine what that would do to her credit score.  She gave Sean and American Property Network the biggest hug when it was all over.  Best of luck, guys!

On this day, we were able to help another home owner successfully move on with their life!  These home owners had a decent amount of equity in their home but unfortunately, were selling at the wrong time of the year. They were just not getting the bites they had hoped.  American Property Network stepped in a paid them some cash equity and relieved them of their financial obligation of the house. The were so excited.  Everyone was giving "high fives" this day!

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